Java performance analyst

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Responsible for performance-testing applications, evaluating tools that make deploying and running applications faster, and working with software engineers to come up with suggestions for improving architecture for performance reasons

– Profile applications using a Java application profiler tool and provide recommendations for code changes

– Stress test applications and identify performance bottlenecks

– Evaluate Java application servers for performance and features

– Evaluate potential application architecture changes to improve efficiencies, emphasis in memory and performance optimization, contributing to design sessions, coding, code reviews, unit testing, integration testing, supporting beta testing, bug fixes and documentation. An emphasis will be put on continually proving and ensuring optimal application performance and memory consumption characteristics.

– Determine current site capacity and make recommendations for planning additional capacity

– Identify and eliminate applications errors related to load

Java performance analysis and bottleneck identification: Measurements, profilers. Identify the metrics to look for while analyzing a Java program for performance Requirements

Expert proficiency with application servers preferably Websphere and Oracle Application server configuration and tuning.

Experience testing Java/J2EE applications

3-5 years’ experience in Java optimization Expert knowledge of java programming and architecture, APIs and Java-based technologies (servlets, jsps, etc).

Location san jose


(913) 273-0058 (Fax)

PHONE: 1913-951-0853(1)



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